The iPhone 15 Everyday Case by Peak Design is the ‘top’ of smartphone cases

I’ve been a fan of Peak Design’s everyday iPhone case line for several years.

They’re high-quality, have a unique fabric-like rear that feels great (I always find myself absentmindedly running my fingers across it) and don’t add much bulk to the smartphone while still offering enough, all-around protection.

The Everyday Case is undeniably expensive at $68.61, but with a few exceptions, I feel you get what you pay for cases, at least to some extent. Sure, you can drop $15 on a nice-looking Spigen case on Amazon, and your phone will be protected, but it probably won’t. Feel As good as a higher-end, more expensive smartphone enclosure from a company like Peak Design.

Of course, the Peak design’s proprietary square Slimlink connector is back, allowing you to use mount accessories like the Out Front Bike Mount V2 or the Motorcycle Bar Mount, which offer security beyond MagSafe’s magnets. I’ve never felt the need to buy any of Peak Design’s SlimLink accessories, but it’s nice that the everyday case is still compatible with the connector if that changes.

The V2 everyday case features a cover over the ‘action button’, while the V1 case leaves it completely open.

This year’s iPhone 15 everyday case colors include ‘Midnight,’ ‘Sage,’ ‘Sun,’ ‘Redwood,’ and my favorite, ‘Charcoal.’ As you can see from the pictures in this story, all of the hues have plenty of pop to them, especially ‘Sage.’ It’s worth noting that Peak Design sells two versions of the everyday case, V1 and V2. V1 doesn’t offer a cover over the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max’s ‘action button,’ while V2 does and costs a bit more (the company is likely just getting rid of V1 stock). It may sound surprising, but I actually prefer the V1 and its lack of a button cover. I rarely use the action button, and when I do, it’s typically by accident, and V1 prevents that from happening.

Peak Design’s Everyday Case is also available for Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series and Google’s Pixel 8 line. The iPhone 15 Pro V1 Everyday Case costs $64.95 and the V2 costs $68.61.

On a side note, Nomad and Peak Design, two titans of the smartphone accessory world, recently collaborated on the Nomad X Peak Design Rugged Case, a beefier, SlimLink-compatible case that features fortified TPU bumpers and stronger corners than the everyday case. I like it and have used it for a few days in the past few weeks, but it’s also a little too bulky for my taste, especially when compared to the everyday case. Still, it’s nice to see Peak Design expanding its case lineup to include a more durable enclosure.

The Nomad X Peak Design Rugged Case costs $64.95.

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