How to order Apple’s Vision Pro in Canada

Mark your calendars because February 2nd is the launch of Apple’s new spatial computing platform, the Vision Pro. While packed with cutting-edge technology and introducing a new operating system, visionOS, the augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) headset will only be available in the United States at launch.

If you’re like me, you drank a little too much apple juice and want one right away despite living in the great white north. I have found three possible ways Canadians may be able to obtain an Apple Vision Pro despite not living in the US.

Before diving into the options, it’s essential to keep in mind a few notes that Apple preemptively released for those of us looking to bring the spatial computing device outside of the US.

  • Apple Vision Pro supports US only. it. English as a system language for typing, Siri and dictation.
  • The visionOS App Store requires an Apple ID with a region set to the United States and purchases on Apple Music and in the Apple TV app.
  • Apple warns some apps, features and content may not be available outside the US. it. Due to licensing or other geo-restrictions.
  • Apple Support for Apple Vision Pro will be available only in the United States, including AppleCare+.
  • ZEISS optical lenses require a valid US it. Recipe.

Hopefully, the English language requirement isn’t too much of a dealbreaker for you. I prefer the King’s English as much as the next Commonwealth citizen, but hey, I also want an Apple Vision Pro.

As for the Apple ID situation, if your current Apple ID has a Canadian scale, you won’t be able to switch the region. My pro tip is to create an American Apple ID with another email on Apple’s website and set the country/region to the United States. You may need a VPN enabled with its server assigned to the US. US, or you may get an error when creating the Apple ID. You can then purchase US Apple Store gift cards from if you need store credit.

The lack of Apple Support is perhaps my biggest concern. I’m usually an AppleCare+ buyer, and without local support, you’ll need to return to the United States or mail it to an American-based contact to complete any repairs or service. Plus, the Apple Vision Pro is set to be a pricey replacement if it’s damaged or has a defect after the initial year’s warranty.

Finally, if you need glasses, getting an American prescription can be a pain, especially if your ZEISS lenses have to be mailed separately. Some have opted to only use contacts, while others may find they’d rather wait until Apple Vision Pro is released in Canada to ensure the fit and lenses are perfect when dropping nearly $5,000 Canadian dollars.

Apple Vision Pro, here we come.

Option 1: Wait

Your first and least climactic option to get an Apple Vision Pro in Canada is simply waiting for it. As mentioned in the introduction, there are some potential problems with acquiring an Apple Vision Pro and using it outside of the United States. Sure, this option isn’t as fun in the short term. Still, if you can get over your FOMO, you can use the time to save up for that new headset and all those expensive accessories. With any luck, we won’t have to wait too long either, as Apple Vision Pro is expected to come to Canada later this year – race you to the Apple Store.

Option 2: Pickup in store

Alright, so you’ve decided you want to buy an Apple Vision Pro – I’m with you. You now have to ask yourself whether you want to travel to the United States. If you’re reading this during pre-orders, there’s a strong possibility that in-store pickup is unavailable. It seemed that most in-store pickup options were taken pretty quickly after they opened. And if you’re reading this after February 2nd, you may find stores with pickup slots available.

Doing an in-store pickup comes with several benefits, including not waiting for your Apple Vision Pro to arrive by postal carrier, risking it getting lost or damaged in the mail, and ensuring the light seal and headband sizing are correct. The negative is that you would need to take a trip south of the border, and regardless of how nice of a trip, that’s a lot of extra money for an already premium headset. For example, I aimed to fly into Newark airport and pick up an Apple Vision Pro at a New Jersey or New York Apple Store because I could fly there and back from Halifax on the same day. Of course, plans don’t always go as intended, which leads us to your third and final option.

Option 3: Forwarding company

Your third option is to get someone in the United States to pick up your Apple Vision Pro and ship it to you—forwarding company, friend, whoever, or whatever. When I bought a HomePod in 2018, while the device was exclusive to the United States, I used a forwarding company called Shipito, which received my HomePod from Apple and then shipped it to me in Canada after paying postage and a small fee. If you have family or friends south of the border who owe you a favor, perhaps they can do it for you. Otherwise, a forwarding company like Shipito can be a solid option. The most substantial drawback will be waiting with anticipation for your Apple Vision Pro to arrive.

Ordering process

Have you decided how you want to get your Apple Vision Pro? If so, here are the steps you can follow to order one. Keep in mind that while you can change the region from your Apple Store app from Canada to the United States, you can’t change the billing address country, whereas on, you can, so these steps require using on a desktop along with an iPhone or iPad with Face ID for your light shield and band size measurement.

1. Visit on a computer

2. Click ‘see’ of the products listed at the top

3. Click the blue ‘in order or ‘buy button (depending on when you’re reading this)

4. Click Get Started

5. Scan the presented QR code with the camera app using an iPhone or iPad with Face ID

6. Tap the yellow ‘Apple Vision Pro Fit’ Button that out.

7. Tap ‘open’ From the app clip, you will be redirected to the Apple Store app.

8. Tap ‘Take it there.’

9. Complete your first face scan by moving your head up, down, left, right.

10. Tap ‘Continue.’

11. Complete a second face scan by moving your head up, down, left, right.

12. Tap ‘done’

13. Return to your web browser.

14. Click ‘Continue.’

15. Scroll down and click ‘get there Under ‘Let’s get a sense of your vision…’

16. Complete the vision questionnaire (if you require prescription lenses, you will need a valid US eye prescription).

17. Assuming you don’t require prescription lenses, click ‘done’ When completing the survey.

18. Scroll down and select your storage size from 256 GB, 512 GB or 1 TB.

19. Scroll down and click ‘Buy.’

20. Scroll down and click ‘No AppleCare+’ (You can buy AppleCare+, but currently there’s no support outside the US.)

21. Scroll down and click ‘Add to bag.’

22. Click ‘Review Bag.’

23. Click ‘Check out.’

24. Sign in with your Apple ID or click ‘Continue as guest.’

25. Select ‘I’d like it delivered’ or ‘I’ll pick it up’ depending on your preference.

26. Enter the zip code of the address you are shipping to or the store you will be picking up from.

27. Select your delivery method or pickup location.

28. Click Continue to Shipping Address or Continue to Pickup Details.

29. Enter the required details (ie the Shipito address if you are using the service).

30. Click ‘Proceed to payment .’

31. Enter your payment details and ensure the billing address is correct.

32. Click ‘Continue to review.’

33. Click ‘make your appointment And hope everything goes well

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